CanX is the world's first digital B2B solution, just for you.



CanX is the world's first digital B2B solution for licensed cannabis Cultivators, Manufactures, and Dispensaries.

Over the last five years we've generated seven figure revenues annually by leveraging our vast network of cannabis vendors. We've distributed their products to dispensaries and delivery services throughout the state of California.

As the licensed market continues to face issues with payments, distribution, and product sourcing; we have created a fully digital service that facilitates transactions and the distribution of licensed cannabis and CBD products.

Worlds First Digital B2B Solution

CanX brings the world's first digital Business-to-Business (B2B) solution, just for you.

Omni-Directional Services

We provide services to licensed cannabis Cultivators, Manufactures, and Dispensaries.

A Fully Digital Service

Besides the licensed market facing payments, distribution, and product sourcing issues. CanX bring you a fully digital service with easy transactions facility.

Seven Figure Revenues Annually

We've leveraged our vast network of cannabis vendors to generate seven figure revenues annually .



Shortly after our digital launch in April of 2020, the CanX team noticed a major pain point in the emerging cannabis industry; large scale payment processing and banking. Our goal became to ensure that our clients had the ability to source and purchase products in the most cost and time efficient ways possible. This is what lead us to develop the 'CanX Coin' (CANX). As cryptocurrency payments are beginning to take hold worldwide across a multitude of industries, we knew how important it would be for a coin used in the cannabis industry. CanX Coin was developed by individuals with true industry experience as well as a hand on the pulse of the industries future.

While in BETA TESTING we will be on-boarding our current clients as well as allowing new clients to join our network via industry referrals. Our new and existing customers will be awarded with (CANX) that can instantly be traded or used to process transactions.


As the premiere blockchain payment technology of the cannabis industry we have found it incredibly important to continue to serve our loyal community. CanX is vigorously working to empower and innovate the cannabis industry through transparency and community support. As a part of our initiative we have written into our coins source code that 1% of every transaction will be put towards prison reform efforts as there are hundreds of thousands of men and women currently incarcerated for non-violent drug offenses. 

For more information regarding how you can get involved in our reform efforts please contact via email!

With Love,

The CanX Team